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by Lisa on September 22nd, 2010

Here are a few other options for earning money or free products through blogging.

MyBlogSpark: While you won’t make any money through MyBlogSpark, you will be able to host giveaways on your site. Better yet, you will receive one of the same products that you are giving away. If you like giveaways and like free stuff then I highly recommend signing up for MyBlogSpark!

ReadySite: When you sign up for an account with ReadySite you’ll be able to design a “page” to place on your website. Some of the pages include a free samples page, deals on books and magazines, education deals, and others. You can choose the page you want to design, and even adjust the colors so that it fits in with the layout of your site. Oh, and I should point out that you can set the width of the frame so that you can put your page onto an actual page on your website, or into the sidebar of your website.

Here’s what I like about ReadySite: It’s simple and easy to set up and once it’s set up it is pretty hands off. The deals replenish themselves and you continue to get paid.

Here’s what I don’t like about ReadySite: Many of the ads are spam ads. Maybe they’re not true spam, but if you have to sign up for a book-of-the-month club AND Netflix in order to receive a free sample of cereal? That’s spam.

Sponsored Tweets:  Anyone can register for Sponsored Tweets.  How much they’ll pay you, though, is dependent on your Twitter clout or how many followers you have.  Some people frown on Sponsored Tweets, but I think they’re pretty harmless.  Each ad you agree to write will be Tweeted up to three times.  Sponsored Tweets don’t pay all that well, but they do pay something and every little bit helps.

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