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by Lisa on September 22nd, 2010

Advertising Networks

There are quite a few advertising networks out there.  Advertising networks allow you to place advertisements on your site and then you’ll get paid when people click on the ads, or per impressions, or both.  Each company has different terms and conditions.  Some companies will allow you to post ads from other advertising networks along with their ads, while some strictly prohibit this.  Some sites require you to have a certain number of page views per month before they’ll consider accepting your site, while others do not have this requirement.

In short: Make sure you read the fine print for each company!

AffinityClick: AffinityClick will place advertisements on your site based on your blog posts.  Once you get set up you’ll have to do very little.  The ads will be contextual and will link to products based on what you write about.  For instance, if you write about your TV AffinityClick may link your text to a TV selling at Best Buy.  If anyone buys that TV you will receive a commission.

BlogHer Advertising Network: BlogHer has their own advertising network, though I’ll be honest with you – I’ve never seen them accepting new blogs.  However, if you meet their list of guidelines it may certainly be worthwhile to put yourself on their waiting list!

Burst Media: To be a member of the Burst Media network you must receive 25,000 page views each month and your site must be independently hosted {i.e. no addresses}.  There are quite a few stipulations to join this network, but once you’re in they’ll place banner ads on your site, similar to Google AdSense.

Chitika: Chitika provides search-targeted ads.

Federated Media

Glam Media: For the bigger sites – you need to have 100,000 page views each month before Glam Media will consider you for their ad network.  Glam Media pays you for putting a range of different types of banner advertisements on your site.

**Google AdSense: Perhaps the best well-known of all of the ad networks and one of the easiest to use.  AdSense is already integrated into Blogger, meaning that you can pretty much just turn the option on and start making money.  AdSense will place ads in your sidebar, in your RSS feed, or pretty much any other place you’re interested in placing ads and you can choose from text ads, graphic ads, or both.  You get paid when people click on your ads {beware: if you prompt your readers to click on ads AdSense will not pay you.  They are very strict about this.}, and based on impressions.  For instance, if someone doesn’t click on an ad, but the ad is shown 1000 times then you will receive a small payment.  Check out this great post from ProBlogger about optimizing your AdSense units to increase your earnings.

Kontera: Kontera is an “in-text ad network,” meaning that instead of placing ads in your sidebars, they will link ads to words in your posts.  I’m sure you’ve seen this form of advertising on some sites.  Random words will be hyperlinked and if you scroll over the hyperlink an ad will pop up.  The ads work with the text you already have in your posts, so you don’t have to set up each ad.

**Project Wonderful: Project Wonderful is a great option for people that are just getting started blogging because they pretty much accept any site into the network and many of the advertisers are small businesses or Etsy shops.  You aren’t going to make much money very quickly using Project Wonderful, but it is a good option for putting some ads on your site that aren’t AdSense.

Syndigo: Syndigo allows you to earn money for using content on your sites from various media networks, such as The Today Show or MSNBC or even your local news.  The local news networks seem like a good opportunity to make a little bit of extra cash if you blog about local happenings in bigger markets.  According to this Syndigo review on, Syndigo accepts many blogs and doesn’t look at readership size as a sole determining factor for acceptance.

**Google AdSense and Project Wonderful are my two picks for the best and easiest sites to get set-up with if you are new to blog advertising.

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    Thank you for the list. I heard about adsense and blogher, but not the rest. I will have to look into these.

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