Make Money Blogging

by Lisa on September 22nd, 2010

Make Money Blogging

First things first.  Before you’re really going to make any money blogging I recommend focusing on two things: 1. Writing quality posts and 2. Building up your readership.  Let’s be honest – if you write a blog and your mom is your only reader you’re probably not going to make a lot of money.

Here are a couple of great networks where you can easily make some blogging contacts and not only find people to read your site, but find other sites to read yourself: The Secret to Success is Support, 20 Something Bloggers, BlogFrog, Mom Blog Network, and BlogHer.  Don’t forget – comment, comment, comment!  People like receiving comments and chances are they will head to your site, return the comment favor, and possibly stick around!

I recommend reading this great article from ProBlogger about making money from blogging. Everything he says in the post is true.  Making money from blogging is not easy.  It will not happen overnight.

Once you’ve got yourself some readers there are five main ways to start making money: Private Advertisers {coming soon}, Advertising Networks, Affiliate Advertising, Pay-Per-Post {coming soon}, and Miscellaneous methods.

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Private Ads & Advertising Networks

Affiliate Advertising

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