by Lisa on March 1st, 2011 is a shopping blog for women. Every day we feature some of the best online retail shopping deals, as well as celebrity looks for less, beauty reviews, subscription box updates, and more. We have been taking up this little corner of the internet since 2009.

We currently average about 20,000 unique visitors and 50,000 page views per month. In addition to the people stopping by our website we’re lucky to have 6,670 people hanging out with us on Facebook, 3,450 Twitter friends, 950 Twitter fans, 920 email subscribers, and 139 Youtube viewers.

We offer a few different advertising options, which you will find below. Please note that we do not offer text ads on our homepage.

If you have any questions or you want to talk about sponsored posts, giveaways or product reviews, please feel free to email Lisa:

Thanks so much! :)

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  1. Miki Segal says:

    I was wondering what the rates are for adding us to your blogroll/adding a text link to your homepage.

  2. Evan Wortman says:

    I own a jewelry and accessories boutique called Mimi’s, The Look for Less, We are the perfect accessories shop for the frugal fashionista! We carry fashion forward pieces at amazingly low prices. I would love to do a review or giveaway on your blog. Please let me know if you are interested!
    Thank you so much!
    Evan Wortman

  3. Melissa says:

    Dear Fantabulously Frugal,
    How can we submit products for review? We are the leading manufacturer in the bra and body accessories industry. Women love our products!
    Thank you,

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