Easily Swap Unwanted Subscription Box Samples with eDivv.com

by Lisa on January 24th, 2014

eDivv: Easily trade unwanted subscription box samples


Whether you subscribe to one subscription box or ten, you likely receive a product or two you don’t really want each month. I’ve heard of underground trading groups popping up, and saw a couple of Facebook groups dedicated to trading samples, but a new website has just launched to make the trading process even easier. Fellow subscription box junkies, let me introduce you to eDivv.com.

At eDivv you can set up your own “store,” complete with photos that you take of the samples you don’t want. Once your store is up and running others can browse your selection and offer a trade with items they don’t want from their own stores. You can also initiate a trade with someone if they have something in their store that you want.

Uploading your items to eDivv and having a storefront is 100% free and the only fees you’ll incur are for shipping your products to the intended recipients.

This fun site launched January 21 and I just spent some time browsing around and there are already tons of items listed!

Click here to check out eDivv.com!

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