Beauty Reviewed: Andis High Heat Ceramic 1” Flat Iron

by Megan on June 1st, 2012

About a month ago, I got fiesty and cut my bangs. I have curly hair, so I was always scared to give them a shot before. When I left the salon, my hair (and bangs) were lovely and perfect. That was until I went home and tried to recreate the look…

I guess I never really needed a 1″ flat iron in the past. I rarely straighten my hair, as I’m super lazy and it makes my arm tired. I do have a giant straightener, but it’s because I have a lot of hair. Well, upon playing around with my bangs, I realized that the straightener I did have, just wasn’t going to cut it. Frankly, it left my bangs sticking straight out, which just isn’t a good look. Then I got discouraged and thought I would just pin them back, but alas, I was out of bobby pins. Hence when my trip to Target began.

While in the hair accessory section at Target, I noticed the 1″ flat irons. I thought to myself that those may work, but I just couldn’t see myself spending a fortune on a straightener that I would use once and be done with. Then, I came across the Andis High Heat Ceramic Flat Iron. I’m not going to lie, I bought it originally for the price, $18.99. I figured that was an amount that I was willing to part with, should this flat iron be a bust.

Let me just tell you all, I’m pleased as punch that I bought it. My bangs have never looked better! They actually straighten and don’t stick out, which is big for me. I feel like I’ve mastered this feat. And with the amount of stuff I put in my hair, this little number hasn’t let me down. Another thing I really like about the Andis straightener is that it doesn’t make my hair look fried. I have a tendency to, (again, referencing the above aformentioned laziness), hop out the shower, wrap my hair in a TURBIE TWIST Hair Towel and then get ready for work. I wait til the last minute to straighten my bangs and they aren’t always 100% dry. That doesn’t seem to make any difference with this straightener, as it still powers through and makes them look awesome.

Best $18.99 I’ve ever spent. :)

Do you have bangs? How do you keep them under control? And do you love your 1″ straightener as much as I do?

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