New Shop, Search, and Earn Site: SuperPoints

by Lisa on February 10th, 2010

SuperPoints Logo

I am now a huge proponent of SwagBucks on this site, although I admit to being quite cynical at first.  With the way SwagBucks has taken over the internet, it was only a matter of time before a slew of competitors came along.  I’m sure there are a few out there at this point, but I just came across new-ish site SuperPoints.

SuperPoints works in a manner that’s very similar to SwagBucks in that you can earn points for doing internet searches or shopping online.  You can also earn points by referring your friends to the site.  It appears though that SuperPoints is trying to take things one step further and I received a message stating that they would soon be doing city-based deal-a-day offers, much like Groupon or

This is also kind of fun, if not absolutely absurd: You can save up your points on SuperPoints to purchase cars.  Seriously.  Cars.

Have you always wanted a lamborghini but know it won’t ever be in your budget?  No worries.  Just save up a posh 20 million points and this baby can be yours:

Super Points lamborghini

Let’s see… it has taken me about a year to amass 1,600 Swagbucks.  At that rate it would take only 12,500 years to save up enough points for a lamborghini, which would make my very far off ancestors very lucky people.

The lamborghini is way out of reach, obviously, but there are other good {more points-friendly} gifts such as iPods, iPhones, and gift cards.

Click here to sign up for/ learn more about SuperPoints.


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