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by Lisa on February 11th, 2010

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Through February 16, 2010 Chicago-based K. Amato is offering 30% off all online orders.  Woot to Valentine’s Day and the price cuts in jewelry it produces!

Enter promo code “Valentine30” at checkout to receive the discount.

Jewelry from K. Amato jewelry is fashionable and affordable.  Really!  Pieces range from about $20 to $100, which in the grand scheme of jewelry is quite good.

For instance, how adorable is this headband, called The Newark?

K. Amato headbandThe actual band is brown, which I love in contrast to the gold filigree {which also comes in silver}.  Normally this headband would sell for $38, but after the discount it’s $26.60.

I’m also obsessed with this necklace, which is oh-so-appropriately titled The IrvingPark:

K. Amato The IrvingPark

K. Amato names the bulk of her jewelry after streets in Chicago.  Irving Park is my nearest large cross street, so I might just need to splurge and make this necklace my own.  You can choose your choice of gold or silver chain, and can also choose from an assortment of stones.  Personally, I like the seafoam green!  This necklace normally sells for $64, but after the discount it’s just $44.80.

From the earrings to the bracelets to the necklaces to the accessories, K. Amato has a great selection of jewelry items.  Also, for those of you planning weddings, she also has a great selection of wedding jewelry!


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  1. Nicole says:

    I love that necklace. Although it does look very similar to the Heidi Klum line, which I also love.