20% Cash Back on Old Navy Purchases at Mr. Rebates

by Lisa on February 3rd, 2010

Mr. Rebates LogoYes.  You read that title correctly.  Through the end of the day tomorrow, February 4, 2010, cash back shopping site Mr. Rebates is offering a whopping 20% cash back on all Old Navy purchases.  20 freaking percent! I have never seen a cash back deal this good, especially not for a store that so many of us frequent.

Someone that is in no way me is a little upset about this deal because that someone may have went on a $160 Old Navy Online shopping spree this morning, but because that someone forgot to shop through Mr. Rebates, that someone missed out on a $32 rebate.  Grrrrr.

Here’s all you have to do to take advantage of this offer:

1. Head over to Mr. Rebates.  Log in or Sign Up if you don’t yet have an account.

2. Do a quick search for Old Navy, which is actually the very top deal on the home page right now, so you shouldn’t have to search too far.

3. Click on the Old Navy link when you find it.

4. Click on the next Old Navy link that appears, and you will automatically be redirected to OldNavy.com.

5. A screen like the one below will pop up, which just lets you know that your purchase is being tracked.

6. Shop!

7. Enjoy your purchase!

8. Request your refund from Mr. Rebates whenever you have more than $10 rebate dollars available in your account.  You can request your refund either via check or Paypal.

Making this deal even better is that I found promo code ONSAVE15 that should also take 15% off all online Old Navy orders.  This promo code also expires tomorrow.  {It should work with this deal, though I make no guarantees!}


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