LuShae Jewelry Wants Us All To Win Money!

by Lisa on January 5th, 2010

**This is a great opportunity to win some $$$ and give some $$$ to charity, so I am reposting this.  It originally ran on December 28, 2009.**

I was contacted recently by the powers that be at LuShae Jewelry with a great opportunity that I thought many of you might be interested in.  First, a little about LuShae Jewelry.

LuShae is an Australian jewelry company that’s actually based out of California.  They focus on contemporary trends and artistic style over expensive styles.  I love this quote I received from one of the owners of the shop, “To us jewelry isn’t precious because it costs a fortune, it’s precious because of the unique style and memories of special times it brings.”  So true, right? 

LuShae offers many different types of jewelry including rings (they have some affordable cocktail pieces that are so fun),  pendants, and earrings.

This Summer Bouquet pendant ($69) is hands down my favorite piece of jewelry found on the site.

Unfortunately the necklace is currently out of stock, but I plan on making it mine when they receive more of the piece.  It reminds me so much of these tiny flowers I found and fell in love with this past summer in Hawaii:

In addition to some beautiful and affordable jewelry, LuShae has a monthly drawing for $200!  AND once a year they do a drawing for a grand prize of $5,000!  Who couldn’t use $5,000?  To be entered in the giveaways all you have to do is fill out a brief form (name, email, website address), and post a small banner on your blog.  The banners are cute and include the following:

You must have the banner displayed on your website to win their giveaway.  You can keep the banner up indefinitely (to try to win each month), or take it down whenever you please. 

But wait – it gets even better.

Fantabulously Frugal is teaming up with LuShae Jewelry for a fun little promotion.  

For every 30 FF readers (up to 150) that sign up for the $200 monthly giveaway over at LuShae, I will hold a giveaway and one of those 30 people will win $25!  Plus each winner will also be able to choose their favorite charity and LuShae will donate $50 to said charity!

Five Fantabulously Frugal winners will get to win a little bit of extra cash and donate to their favorite charity.  Everyone that enters the LuShae giveaway will have the chance to win the $200 monthly prize and/or the $5000 yearly prize!

Interested in participating?  Click here to sign up for LuShae’s $200 monthly giveaway and $5,000 yearly giveaway.

You must use this link in order for your entry into the Fantabulously Frugal giveaway to be valid, as it allows me to see who entered the LuShae giveaway!

Happy entering!  I’ll let you know the winners of the $25 + $50 for charity giveaways as they happen.  And here’s hoping some of you win $200, and that one of you very lucky people walks away with $5,000 next year!

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