Fantabulously Frugal Friday: Daily Checkout

by Lisa on January 29th, 2010
DailyCheckout Standard

Have you heard of Daily Checkout?

Daily Checkout, like, sells one item every day.  Once they run out of that one item the sale is over.  The thing about Daily Checkout that sets it apart from other sites is that most of the items I see on the site are … Free.  Yes, Free.

It’s so strange and I don’t really understand how the site works or how they make money, but hey – that’s not for me to judge, is it?  If they want to give their stuff away to us then so be it!

For an example of the free goodness, here’s a screen shot from yesterday’s deal for a Hitachi Case:

This case could be useful, and for only $3.99 shipping and handling?  Color me sold.

Like I said, the Daily Checkout deal changes daily and I’d say the deals are free about 50% of the time and when they’re not free they’re uber cheap. I definitely recommend adding this site to your daily line-up.  You never know what free goodness could be awaiting you!

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