Fantabulously Frugal Friday:

by Lisa on January 22nd, 2010

Just so you know, straight up, I have not used myself.  But I read about it everywhere on the internetz, and feel it would be a disservice to not mention it here because it really does seem like a great site!

In short, allows you to regularly and easily purchase the mundane necessities of life, such as toilet paper and toothpaste.  How so?  You tell Alice what you normally buy and then you can set up a schedule so that the site will remind you when it’s time to buy again {before you, oh so annoyingly, run out of said products}.

To check out the site, I decided to tell Alice that I was in dire need of some bar soap.  The following screen popped up, letting me know that 72 different types of bar soap are available, and they have 8 different coupons available for said bar soap.  {Yes! Coupons.  The site wants to help you save money!}

After that, it showed me all of the different types of bar soap they have available.  They had pretty much all of the usual suspects – Dove, Zest, Oil of Olay, etc. – at all different sizes and scents.

I decided to sort to see what products had coupons available, and here are a couple of the options that appeared:

As you can see, with a coupon I could grab 3 bars of Zest for $1.57, or 2 bars of Olay for $1.78.  Not bad.  I added the Olay to my cart and the following lady popped up, asking me if I wanted to make this a regular purchase:

Pretty neat, right? I have to say – this site really couldn’t be any simpler to use. 

Here’s another neat feature of  You can check the prices, to ensure that you’re getting the best deal!  Here’s the pricing comparison for my Olay soap:

Considering that my coupon is going to give me an additional $1 off, it appears that I would, indeed, be receiving a good deal on this product. And yes – you read that third column correctly – shipping is always free!

The site does ask that you buy a minimum of 6 products per purchase, although on my first purchase a box came up saying they would waive this requirement.

Joining Alice is free and you pay only for what you buy because, again, shipping is free.  Not bad.  Not bad at all.  Personally, I don’t mind going to the grocery store, but sometimes it’s a huge pain to plan a trip just to buy the necessities.  Alice seems like it would help cut down on those “in-between” trips, and also help keep you in the know when you might be about to run out of a product.  Alice is still relatively new, but the number of items they carry continues to increase.  When the site started out they were all abut the toilet paper and toothpaste.  Now, however, you can also find things like cereal bars and coffee for sale.

As if wasn’t already convenient enough, the site just released a free iPhone app, so now you can order as soon as you remember you’re running out of something.  Ah, technology, I love thee.
Interested in joining  Click here to join and receive a $10 in your account after your purchase $50 in goods.

Are any of you already using Alice?  If so, what do you think?

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  1. Joe, Christina, & Rocky says:

    This is probably my FAVORITE site for internet shopping – It does take a little bit of planning, but it's so inexpensive! And the people there are SO NICE if you ever need help with anything.