40% Off Everything at Stewart + Brown {So Many Great Deals!}

by Lisa on January 19th, 2010

Stewart + Brown is a site I check out almost weekly.  I love their designs, and I love that everything they create is organic and/or sustainable.

And right now I love that everything – both full price and sale items – are 40% off!  Well, they’re 40% off if you’re in the know.  And luckily you have me to help you be in the know. ;)

Enter promo code FORTYOFF at checkout to save 40% off everything.

I believe this promo code will expire tomorrow, January 20, 2010, so shop quick!

Want to see a couple of my favorite items?  OK… you twisted my arm.  Here goes:

How fun is this Tea Party Dress, which is available in both black and white? 

One of my goals in life is to be able to wear a white cocktail dress.  As it is, I’m much too clumsy to pull this off.  Clumsy in that I still haven’t mastered eating without dropping food all over me.  The original price of this beauty was $208.  It’s currently on sale for $98, but after the discount it’ll cost just $58.80!  {Total savings of 72%}

Also fab?  This Zig Zag Dress.

There are still too many months left to this winter, and I’d love to have this beauty in my winter wardrobe!  It originally cost $269, but is now just $68!  After the discount it costs an amazing $40.80.  {Total savings of 85%}

This Loop Back Tee just screams summer to me.

I think it’s such a fun twist on a traditional T.  Those cap sleeves are adorable!  This shirt originally cost, get this, $82!  It’s now on sale for $22, though after the additional discount it’ll run just $13.20.  {Total savings of 84%} Ahem, this designer T now costs less than something you can find at the Gap.  
 Just sayin’…

Finally, this Honeycomb Sweatercoat is a little pricier, but I had to include it because it is just too beautiful for words.

The sweater originally sold for $299, but is currently on sale for $138.  After the additional discount it’ll cost just $82.80.  {Total savings of 72%}

Just as an FYI: These items all come from the sale section.  I didn’t even look at the regularly priced merchandise, which is all 40% off as well. 

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