25% Off "Adult Work Styles" at Banana Republic

by Lisa on January 22nd, 2010

Dear Banana Republic-

You know how much I love you.  If I could, I’d blow every last penny I had at your store.  I’ve been such a loyal fan of yours over the years, as long as you disregard those few months last year when you were intent on only selling things covered in animal prints and I pretended you didn’t exist.

I just received an email that you’re having a 25% off sale and my first thought was “Awesome! I’m sure I can find a few dollars to spend!”  A Banana Republic Sale is just what I need to brighten up this dreary Friday afternoon.  And then I inspected further and saw that the discount is only available on “Adult Work Styles.”

Seriously?  Adult Work Styles is the best your marketing team could come up with?  Are you trying to drain all of the fun out of shopping?  Or are you just trying to differentiate from “Kid Work Styles”?

While you have gone out of your way to include some incredibly gorgeous pieces in the sale, such as this:

Banana Republic Cotton/cashmere crewneck cardigan
{Currently on sale for $44.60}


Banana Republic Sleek suit skirt
{Currently on sale for $44.60}


Banana Republic Cape cod hobo
{Currently on sale for $148}

and These:

Banana Republic Sandie knotted peep toe flat
{Currently on sale for $66}
I am just disappointed at your choice of wording.  I love looking at the eye-candy while I’m at work; I just prefer to forget that I’m supposed to be doing “adult work.”
At the very least, I do hope that your next sale will feature “Adult Play Styles,” just so I can giggle about it. 
Your biggest fan Lisa
P.S. I don’t mean to sound ungrateful.  Thanks for having a sale!  The items are fab and the prices are good! 
{Sale ends January 24, 2010.  No promo code necessary.}

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