Shopping the Women’s Plus Section of Old Navy

by Lisa on December 9th, 2009

I’ve got the evening to myself and was engaging in one of my favorite activities – online window shopping.  I found myself at, and from there the Women’s Plus section.  I just have to share with all of you how terribly amazed at the clothes they’re selling right now.  Amazed because they’re beautiful and not even remotely dowdy.  I applaud Old Navy for not being afraid to make plus-sized items that are every bit as beautiful as their non-plus-size offerings.

I thought I’d share with you some of my favorites because they’re just too wonderful not to share!

First up, this is my absolute favorite piece, the Roll-Up Wrap Sweater in Black Jack:

Women's Plus: Women's Plus Roll-Up Wrap Sweaters - Black Jack

Dare I say it? This sweater is downright fashionable! And it’s currently on sale for $37.50.

Next, this Cable-Knit Sweater Dresses in Plummy Mummy would be perfect for a holiday party, don’t you think?

Women's Plus: Women's Plus Cable-Knit Sweater Dresses - Plummy Mummy

I think it is too freaking adorable. And it’s a steal at only $29.50!

The silhouette of this Cowl-Neck Empire Top is so flattering:

Women's Plus: Women's Plus Cowl-Neck Empire Tops - Blue Chip

I love that Blue Chip color, and the price isn’t bad either. These tops are currently on sale for an astonishingly low $12.50.

Old Navy doesn’t disappoint when it comes to outerwear either. This Belted Wool-Blend Cape normally costs $129, and looks like it’s worth every penny.

Women's Plus: Women's Plus Belted Wool-Blend Capes - Pavement

Right now, however, it’s just $79!!

If you’re still looking for a top for a swanky holiday party, might I recommend this  Chiffon Flutter-Sleeve Top?

Women's Plus: Women's Plus Chiffon Flutter-Sleeve Tops - Black Jack

It can be yours for $25!

Plus-sized ladies – I highly recommend making a mad dash to to check out what’s available.  After comparing the items in both the Women’s and Women’s Plus departments, I think the Women’s Plus ladies definitely have a leg up. 

Way to go, Old Navy, for being one of the only retailers to *truly* design clothes for ladies of all sizes.  You rock.

2 Responses

  1. Raru says:

    Love window shopping :)
    Great selection :)

    Have a nice day,

  2. Love the Decor! says:

    Some great finds!!
    I think the first one gets my vote too!!