Rewards for Video Reviews: Expo TV

by Lisa on December 24th, 2009

I wanted to wait to talk about Expo TV until I’d had a chance to actually try it out myself.  And… I tried it out about 6 weeks ago but have been too busy to post about it.  This seems like the perfect time, because after the holidays everyone is looking for extra ways to make a few bucks, right?  (Even if those bucks come in gift card or present form!)

Expo TV is a site where people log on and post short video reviews of any and all products.  In return for many of the video reviews you can receive points, which can then be redeemed for rewards.

Learning how to upload a video was a bit of a chore, I’m not going to lie, but once I mastered that it became super easy to start earning points.  And while you can do video reviews for things you use everyday (there’s a lot of requests for reviews of various brands of laundry detergents), you can also participate in “Tryology’s.”  What is a “tryology,” you ask?  They send you products to try, and then you make a video review of it.  Pretty cool, right?

I just discovered a new area on the site called “Most Wanted.”  These are the things and objects that people would most like to watch reviews about.  There are a ton of these items and worth some high values, too!  For instance, if you have a Sony PlayStation 3 Slim sitting around, you could make a video review and earn 2500 points, which is good enough for $20 in gift certificates!  There is no limit to the number of video reviews you can make.  And, when you submit your first video you’ll receive 500 bonus points. 

While recording myself on video is not exactly my thing, this is a GREAT way to earn prizes or gift cards, and even try out some new products.  I definitely recommend it!

Click here to register for Expo TV via my personal registration link.

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