Reminder: Today is the Last Day to Enter My "You Deserve the Best" Giveaway!

by Lisa on December 14th, 2009

This is it.  The absolute last day to enter my “You Deserve the Best” giveaway.  You still have a few hours to convince others to enter so that you can perhaps win Gift 2 (ear marked for the person/site that convinced the largest number of people to enter the giveaway), or you can still enter again yourself.

Click here to go directly to the giveaway!
Here are the three prizes that are up for the winning:

Gifts 1 & 3 will be chosen completely randomly, but Gift 2 will be won by the person/website that refers the largest number of people to enter the giveaway!

The winners will be announced December 21, 2009.

Thanks to Fantabulously Frugal supporters,, and GO-GIRL for helping to sponsor this giveaway!  If you have a second, please send them some love and check out their wonderful products!

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