Last Minute Gifts You Can Purchase From the Comfort of Home

by Lisa on December 24th, 2009

Well, we’ve made it.  The day before the biggest gift-giving day of the year.  I have a hunch that some of you plan on braving the stores today, in search of a few last minute presents.  If you fall into this category, maybe I can help you out with a few ideas.

1. I’m like a broken record on this subject, but have you considered a magazine subscription?  Magazines are one of those little luxuries that people oftentimes don’t think to purchase for themselves.  And with all of the $5 and $10 magazine deals at Amazon right now, nobody will know how little you paid for a year worth of fun!  Here are some of my favorite options:

Southern Living (1-year) $5
Health (1-year) $5
Entertainment Weekly (1-year) $10
InStyle (1-year) $10

2. A gift card is always a good choice, and pretty much everyone has a gift card available, including my favorite, eBay.  eBay gift certificates are a nice choice because first of all eBay has everything at a discounted price and second, because you can send an e-certificate and have it delivered to the recipient’s email address on any day you choose.

3. Tickets to … Anything!  If you’re going to treat someone to a movie, show, concert, or sporting event, you don’t need to have the tickets in-hand.  Though you probably will need to do a little bit of pre-planning.  Log into sites such as for sporting, theatre, and concert events, and for movie tickets.

4. Make a donation in someone’s name.  Alright, I am a huge fan of giving back, but I will admit this is not really the best gift to open up.  So here’s a way to make a donation gift a little more fun:   Are you familiar with Kiva?  They give micro loans to individuals and small businesses in poverty stricken areas.  The loans must be repaid over time, and the loan money comes from all of us. 

Basically, you log onto the site and find a project that you might be interested in funding.  Such as this project for a woman in Nicaragua looking to expand her cosmetics business.  You then choose to donate a certain amount of money, which will get paid back to you over time.  You’re kind of acting like a bank, though you won’t get paid in interest.  You will get lots of good will, however. :)

Kiva now has gift certificates, so the recipient of your gift can choose which project to fund, and then keep re-giving the funds after they’re paid back.   This is literally the gift that keeps on giving.

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