J. Crew – 25% Off Purchases Over $150

by Lisa on December 3rd, 2009

Wow – this is one of the best discounts I’ve seen from J. Crew in a good long while!  They’re offering 25% off online purchases over $150.  Spending $150 at J. Crew is ridiculously easy, so this coupon could go a long way.

To receive your discount, enter promo code GIFTS at checkout.  This promo code expires December 6, 2009.

After the 25% discount, your $150 order will cost just $112.50.  Not bad, right? 

But wait – it gets a teensy bit better because if you’ll recall,  Ebates.com has teamed up with J. Crew!  If you head to the Ebates.com and do a quick search for J. Crew, you’ll be redirected to the J. Crew website and you can do all of your shopping like normal.  And yes – you can still use any and all promo codes.  However, because you first clicked through ebates, you’ll be rebated 1.5% of your total purchase price through ebates!  Sure – 1.5% isn’t a lot, but it’s better than a whole lot of nothing, right?  (Also, ebates is the only cash-back website I could find that has partnered up with J. Crew. If you’ve found another site that works with J. Crew, please share!)

If you’re not yet a member of Ebates, click here to sign up via my personal registration link.  You’ll receive $5 just for registering and are thereby eligible for your first rebate check after making just one purchase through Ebates.  (You can cash out at $5.01.)

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Unless you order A TON of stuff paying for the shipping just about kills your savings. I don't think the deal is that great personally.