Holiday Shopping:

by Lisa on December 4th, 2009

I only learned about yesterday, and, oh my, I want to place a huge order on the site. is an online food marketplace dedicated to showcasing the products of local farmers and food artisans.

While Fantabulously Frugal is dedicated to saving money while shopping, supporting local farmers and food producers is an equal passion of mine.  The price might be a little higher than items that are mass produced, but the quality can’t be beat.  Some of the items you’ll find at sites like can’t easily be found at a traditional store, which is why they make great gift items.

I WILL be buying these Beer & Pretzel Caramels:

I’m not sure my boyfriend would ever forgive me if he knew I found such a product and didn’t send them his way.  $10 buys 6 of these yummy items made with caramel, pretzel bits, local ale and dark chocolate.

I’ve never had Texas honey, but I am intrigued by this Holiday Crate of Texas Range Honey:

That picture isn’t very clear, but the “crate” includes Guajillo Range Honey, Creamed Cinnamon Honey, and Wildflower Honey.  $29 gets all three honey flavors.  (I am dying to try creamed cinnamon honey.  It sounds like it would be a delicious accompaniment to my morning English muffin!)

I went to Hawaii this past summer and completely fell in love with Kona Coffee.  Look what I found:

Coffee from Mauna Loa!  A 12 oz. bag costs $22.98, which is less than we paid when we were on the island. has a good selection of items, though the site is by no means overwhelming.  Something tells me though, that this site and others like it are going to expand rapidly as the desire for organic and locally produced food items continues to increase.

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