FREEbie Tuesday: 2 Tickets to Live Nation!

by Lisa on December 1st, 2009

Ever wanted to attend Live Nation?  Live Nation is a series of concerts around the country.  Their motto is “Artist Powered, Fan Driven.”  Yes, that should make it pretty clear that I don’t really know what Live Nation is, but then again I also lead a sheltered life and don’t attend many concerts. ;)

Anyhoo… right now you can get 2 tickets to a Live Nation performance for my favorite price – FREE!

Click here to claim your two tickets.

Yes, it says you might “win” two tickets, but the confirmation will tell you that they are being emailed to you.  They will email you a code that you can redeem for two free tickets.

If you’re interested in this, sign up quickly as this offer is sure to be pulled down quickly!

2 Responses

  1. Clare says:

    Did anyone get this to work? After going through the process with my chosen venue several times and it not working, I started all over from the beginning (again) and finally the magical box for the promotional code came up. This box has to come up on its own–you can't make it come, then you can enter the code. Once I did that, I was told there weren't any tickets left to the show (though they were clearly ready to sell me some five minutes ago, and it still comes up as having tickets available on the main list). Just wondering if it worked for someone, perhaps in a different city.

  2. spotydoty says:

    I've gotten the box to show up but every time I put in a code it says "We don't recognize that promotion code. Please try again."
    I've tried it with 2 different codes and at totally different venues. No luck.