Etsy Monday: You Deserve The Best

by Lisa on December 15th, 2009

In honor of my You Deserve the Best Giveaway, which is going to end in just a few short hours, I decided to put together a “You Deserve the Best of Etsy,” for this week’s edition of Etsy Monday.  What’s going to be included?  Pretty things.  Things that aren’t necessarily economical, but are definitely drool-worthy.  Let’s take a look shall we?

Hmmm, yes.  I do think we all deserve to own this London Blue Topaz Oval Rock Love Ring.  What’s not to love about this gem from Garnet Girl Designs?  Both the color and size of that Topaz are absolutely magnificent and all of us would look wonderful with this on our hands.  (Price: $238)

These Rock Blox from SuZanna Anna spelling out “Imagine All The People Living Life In Peace” would make a nice addition to some walls… like my walls. :)  Sure, you can get this item as a $20 print, but I like the blox a little bit more.  After all, this is a tour of the best. (Price: $175)

I think we could all use an amazing leather bag in 2010, don’t you agree?  Here’s my choice:

This is the Larch Leather Bag in Merlot and it’s an absolute beauty.  It looks so roomy and I am really loving the color of that leather.  This bag comes courtesy of Valhallabrooklyn. (Price: $269)

I guess this is cheating a bit, because I actually own the following shirt.  But – it’s one of my favorites and I think everyone deserves something like it!

This is the COCO shirt, created by Rose La Biche.  All items made by Rose are handmade to order and absolutely phenomenal.  The crafsmanship is amazing, and as the owner of the shop is French and now resides in Paris, you know you’re getting a small piece of Parisian couture! (Price: $69)

I’m always on the lookout for a new scarf to add to my collection, and I think I’ve found just the one, this Short Gray Scarf and Red Brooch:

I love how you can use the fun red brooch to hold the scarf closed.  That’s a pretty fun idea and something I might try with scarves I already own.  The scarf and brooch come courtesy of Eninaj. (Price: $60)

So tell me, friends, what items are you most coveting from Etsy?

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  1. Freck says:

    Aww I think I love Etsy Monday!! Those are all so cute!