Today at One Kings Lane: Motel Deluxe

by Lisa on November 18th, 2009

One Kings Lane has a boutique today that has me totally green with envy that I can’t buy one of everything available.  (Well, I suppose I could, but then who would pay my credit card bill?!)

Today’s lust-worthy shop of the day is Motel Deluxe, makers of fine stationery and paper goods.  Sigh.  This is one of those occasions when I just want everything.  Greedy, greedy, Lisa.

But look at what they’re offering!

So many pretty stationery items and all reasonably priced!

First, $19 will get you 16 “Merci” cards.  The Red Marie Papier Writing Box contains 20 sheets of stationery and envelopes and costs $39.  $19 will get you 16 “Blue Lamb with Flowers” notes.  Finally, $22 will get you 50 Olive Flat Notes. 

And no fear – there are lots more options where these came from!

Plus, if you still have a $10 One Kings Lane credit, the prices on each of these lovelies drops considerably!

One Kings Lane is a sample sale site that focuses solely on goods necessary to beautifying your home.  If you are not yet a member of One Kings Lane and wish to join, please click here to register via my personal registration link.

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