Scratch That.

by Lisa on November 25th, 2009

Remember when I said I wasn’t going to do much with Black Friday?  Turns out I lied.

Thus far I have almost 20 posts just waiting to go with all of the discounts.  I’m not anywhere close to done.  As soon as I schedule a post I get 5 more emails with *good* deals.  Though what I said is still true to an extend – I will NOT be covering the Thursday circulars.  That’s just too much!!

AND, in case all of the sale posts over the next couple of days drives you batty, you should probably stay away on Monday.  I took Monday off work to cover Cyber Monday.

If retailers only realized that Cyber Monday did not start today, all would be good.

Happy Early Thanksgiving!  If any of you are commuting anywhere tonight – travel safe!

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