Holiday Shopping: Rue La La

by Lisa on November 5th, 2009

In my very humble opinion Rue La La is one of the best sample sale sites out there.  First and foremost, they have arguably the best variety of products available.  Second, although they seem to be inching higher, their prices are still *pretty* good.

As we get closer to the holidays Rue La La will most likely release a range of gift boutiques, which are pretty awesome (and I hope they start soon!).  They did this last year and though I didn’t buy anything, I did gather gift-spiration from some of the items they had listed.  

On any given day Rue La La tends to have about 8 different boutiques open and you never know when you might score a great find.  I look through every boutique everyday, just in case I find something I NEED, and on a few occasions I have pulled the trigger (such as a couple of weeks ago when I got 2 pairs of Spanx tights for 50% off the retail price).

BUT – I never buy something without first doing my research.  Here’s the thing about online sample sale sites: As they seem to get more successful they tend to (annoyingly) raise their prices.  In my opinion, if you can get an item, let’s say a blender, for the same amount of money on Amazon, then the sample sale is a bust.  At the very least by purchasing an item of equal value on Amazon you’re probably going to get free shipping.

Sure, some sample sales tend to sell out super duper quickly.  But if you have the time, please do a little bit of research to figure out if you really are getting the best price.  And I cannot stress enough – make sure you account for the ridiculously high cost of shipping! 

If you’re not yet a member of Rue La La, sign up now!  Like I’ve done with One Kings Lane, I’m going to be posting more about Rue La La boutiques that might be filled with wonderful gift items over the next 7 weeks.  Rue La La is a by-invitation-only sample sale site.  So prestigious.  Thank goodness it’s free.  Click here to register via my personal registration link and avoid the waiting list.

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  1. Julia says:

    I've been a member of ruelala for awhile now but haven't actually bought anything. Everything looks great, but it's hard (for me) to buy something that I've never seen in realy life and can't just exchange at the store. Hopefully I can do some holiday shopping there this year!