Holiday Cards at One Kings Lane

by Lisa on November 23rd, 2009

So there’s no way you could know this yet, but this week on Fantabulously Frugal I am focusing on different venues for buying holiday cards.  (Let’s face it, the cards at Borders are totally cute, but isn’t it sad when you send out one card and receive the same design from someone else?!)  Later this afternoon you can expect an Etsy Monday post on different holiday cards (including Christmas, Hanukkah, and the granddaddy of all holidays: Festivus).

But until then, let’s take a look at the One Kings Lane boutique that just opened, shall we?  (And no – I had no idea this was coming.  And I want all of these cards.  Seriously.)

Can you read that?  It says “Good Luck in Twenty Ten.”  How AWESOME is this?  If you’re looking for a non-denominational holiday card, I think this would be perfect.  $19 will get you 12 of these cards from designer Mr. Boddington’s Studio.

What about this Bonne Annee Card?

Look – cupcakes!!  If you weren’t forced through 13 years of French class like me, Bonne Annee translates to Happy New Year.  $19 will also get you 12 of these cards.

I’m also digging this A Fete For Two card:

It reads “Happy Holidays From Us to You.”  So cute.  So so cute.  Again, $19 for 12 cards.

If you have a $10 credit for registering for One Kings Lane the cost of any of these packs of cards goes down to just $9.  Not bad all for something so unique and fun.  If you’re not yet a member of One Kings Lane and wish to become one, click here to register via my personal registration link.

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