Pushing/ Extending The Holiday Season

by Lisa on October 26th, 2009

We are about to embark on my favorite time of the year – the holiday season.  I love late Fall/early Winter when everyone is in a festive mood.  It all starts with Thanksgiving and continues right through the New Year.

The stores have all had their Christmas and Hanukkah gear out for weeks, and Fantabulously Frugal is going to follow suit.  Some might say I’m pushing the holidays, but I prefer to think of it as extending the holiday season.

Not only is the season abundant with fabulous food, fantastic friends, and fun festivities, but there’s also one major thing to be done: SHOPPING!  Next Monday I am going to release an interactive Holiday Gift Guide PDF that I have been working on feverishly for the past few weeks.  I cannot wait to debut it.  And I hope one or two of you like it because that will make the hours I’ve devoted to it totally worth it.  In addition to that guide, multiple I have multiple gift posts prepared to post.  ‘Tis the season, after all. :)

Leading up to the debut of the gift guide I am going to run a short series this week titled Holiday Shopping Fantabulously Frugal Style, which will be chock full of tips to (hopefully) help everyone save money while shopping for gifts this holiday season.

No matter what holidays you will be celebrating over the next couple of months, I hope you find the upcoming gift guide and shopping tips to be helpful.

And – if there’s anything you’d really like me to focus on – please let me know!  :)

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