New Sample Sale Site: The Skinny

by Lisa on October 8th, 2009

And let the online sample sale sites keep coming!  While the site is not yet open to the public, The Skinny will be one of the next sample sale sites to debut.

When the site opens The Skinny will focus primarily on selling skin-care products and spa treatments.  One thing that’s neat about the site is that you will fill out a brief survey when you sign up and the site will make recommendations for you based on your skin type and problem areas.  There’ll even be educational videos on the site that will tell you about each product being sold.  I can’t wait to see how the videos look – with all the different skin care products on the market it’s so hard to tell what is what.  Any extra help is always appreciated!

If you’re interested in this site, mark your calendars now: their first sale will go live on October 21, 2009!

Some of the companies they have lined up include Perricone MD, Dermaquest, and Confidential.

While the sales on The Skinny aren’t yet live, you can already register.  If you register now you will be entered to win an anti-aging moisturizer from Bliss.

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