Milwaukee Friends: 2 FREE Tickets to Next Summer’s Summerfest

by Lisa on October 6th, 2009

This is a great freebie for any of you lovelies living in the Milwaukee area (I know of at least one person), or people in the Chicago-area that don’t mind heading north.

If you fill out a quick survey you will receive two free weekday passes to Summerfest, which is billed as the World’s Largest Music Festival!  Next year’s Summerfest will take place in Milwaukee from June 24-July 4, 2010. 

It’s a ways off, but free is free! 

Click here to take the survey and get your free tickets.

2 Responses

  1. kate says:

    thanks so much! i did this :)

  2. Mrs Sweet Pea says:

    Thanks! I just completed my survey and I'm going to pass this along to my sis-in-law (native Minnesotan) to see if the 4 of us can make the trip! Thanks again :)