Lauren Nicole Mongrammed Gifts: 15% Off During October!

by Lisa on October 1st, 2009

When it comes to “pretty” gifts, Lauren Nicole Monogrammed Gifts can’t be beat!  Though I haven’t yet purchased anything, I often peruse this site to check out all the new offerings.

100% of the items listed on the site are handmade by the owner of the store, Denise.  90% of the items you’ll find on the site are her original designs.  That’s pretty amazing, right?

I love “Name” necklaces, and particularly love the font used on this Hand Stamped Gold Filled Name Necklace:

So cute, and a great gift item!

Look at this Hand Stamped Silver Stacked Mommy Necklace, which is a great twist on traditional mom necklaces:

The necklace looks so delicate.  I normally don’t like these types of necklaces, but this is one I would love to wear!

I think I just found my new favorite item.  Towel Markers.

Whenever we travel somewhere, my boyfriend will steal my towel without fail.  It drives me crazy!  These towel markers would go a long way in remedying that and making it so much easier to distinguish between our towels.  Love love love these, and love the varying designs!

Anyhoo, throughout the month of October, Lauren Nicole Gifts is taking 15% off the price of any purchase!  Just enter promo code FACEBOOK at checkout.

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