Etsy Monday + Giveaway: Retro Road Trip

by Lisa on October 6th, 2009

I am pretty much the least creative person ever.  There are only two even mildly artistic things I’ve ever been able to do: color within the lines and wrap presents so that they look nice.  Other than that I’ve got nothing. This is exactly why I love Etsy.  Everyone is so ridiculously creative and they put their artistic talents to good use.

Such the owner of this week’s Etsy Monday shop, Retro Road Trip.

Anne, the owner of Retro Road Trip, took two common objects – maps and washers – and combined them to make something beautiful.  She makes one-of-a-kind necklaces by merging road maps (and other items) and washers.

Check out this necklace of the city that will not be hosting the 2016 Olympics:

This Nashville Necklace caught my eye and made me remember the totally delish Sweet Potato Pancakes I enjoyed at the Pancake Pantry in August.  Yum yum yum.

If maps aren’t your thing, Anne offers many other designs, such as this Monogrammed Abstract Vines Necklace:

It’s certainly a different way of doing a monogram necklace – I love it!

I asked Anne to share a little bit about how she came up with this unique technique for jewelry design:

“I’ve always been interested and inspired by all the different gizmos and do-dads in hardware stores (I think those are the technical terms) but have never thought of something creative to do with them. My step mom actually spoke to me one day about a woman at her work that made a necklace from scrapbook paper and large washers, and a lightbulb went off in my head.

I immediately thought of the huge box of vintage maps I’d been collecting for a while. I grabbed my Exacto knife and spray glue and went to work! Basically what I do is take a large cut washer (I use three different sizes in my shop), spray glue a piece of map or paper to it that I’ve cut to fit, and then use a clear water-based varnish to seal the image and give it a nice glossy finish. When dried I attach the washer to rattail cord that I’ve cut and attached a lobster clasp to. Voila!

It’s a pretty simple process (unless of course you’re making TONS of them like I have for my shop) and you can customize it for any outfit/holiday/gift! My husband will tell you I’ve been known to quickly make a necklace that coordinates with my outfit before leaving the house. :)”

Not only is Anne creative, but she’s also super generous (one of my favorite combos)!  One of you lucky readers will have the opportunity to win the necklace of your choice from Retro Road Trip!
To enter, just share your favorite necklace from Retro Road Trip in the Google form below.  For an additional entry, Tweet about this giveaway!
Entries will be accepted through October 12, 2009, with a winner announced October 13, 2009.  Good luck!!!

**This Giveaway is now closed.  Thanks to all who entered!**

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