New Sample Sale Site: RowNine

by Lisa on September 30th, 2009

And the number of sample sale sites available on the internet has just added another to the mix.  But let me tell you – RowNine is a very welcome addition.

This site is brand spankin’ new, meaning there’s very little I can tell you about the sales they’ve hosted in the past.  But – I have a feeling this site is going to be very successful.  All products sold on the site will sell for an average of 30-70% off the retail price and each sale will last for 48 hours.

The site just started and already they’re going to have a sale on Marc Jacobs eyewear beginning Friday!  Although I’m also quite excited about the sale beginning today featuring various Epicurean Delights.  Well – I’m really really excited about the Italian Truffle Oils (yum), and less so about the caviar and foie gras.  But hey – to each her own, right? :)

Though there aren’t a lot of sales to boast about yet there is one thing I can tell you about RowNine that will probably make your jaws drop – every time someone you refer to RowNine makes a purchase you will receive a $50 credit.  Yes – $50.  No other sample sale site comes anywhere near to this amount of credit for a referral, so … refer everyone you know!  (Registration is, of course, free!)

Are you interested in becoming a member now that you know how much credit you can earn?  Click here to register via my personal registration link.

Online sample sale sites are going to be a great resource for the upcoming holiday season – I cannot wait to see what this site adds to the mix!  (And I’m pretty excited that we’re all going to get to watch this site blossom and grow over the coming months!)

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