Etsy Monday: Truche

by Lisa on September 15th, 2009

Though Chicago is my adopted city and, by default Illinois my adopted state, my heart will always belong in Michigan.  And I need this piece of jewelry to show my allegiance off to the world.

!!! Have you ever seen anything more adorable?  I’ve been thinking about this pendant ever since I first came across it weeks ago.  This is the I Heart Michigan Pendant, and there are 49 other states and any country in the world where the Michigan beauty came from. 

These I Heart necklaces are handcrafted by Stevie, the owner of Etsy shop Truche.  Stevie is a lady after my own heart.  She, like I, grew up in Michigan and migrated to Chicago.  I think it was fate that caused me to find her shop!

I am absolutely obsessed with the I Heart necklaces, although there are so many other items that can be found in the shop.  For instance, this Honeycomb Heart:

Or this How Many Licks necklace, which immediately reminded me of those awesome tootsie pop commercials from the days of yore.

So, yeah.  What I’m telling you all is that I would love to own EVERYTHING that Stevie makes.  Oh, and did I mention that each pendant is made of .999 pure fine silver?  These are some super nice pendants and I think you will find the price to be quite nice as well.

Stevie was wonderful enough to answer a few questions for readers of Fantabulously Frugal and even offered an exclusive free shipping code for anyone interested in purchasing one of her pieces.  Read on for more!

1. How long have you been making jewelry?

I have been making jewelry for about 4 years now. I’ve been focusing on silver jewelry for a little over 6 months.

2. From where do you draw the inspiration for your pieces?

Everywhere! I live in a city, Chicago, that is so inspiring. Nature, architecture, friends, other artists, movies, music… I could go on forever.

3. What types of materials do you work with?

I work with fine silver, acrylic and glass mostly.

4. Will you make the “I Heart” necklaces for any state?

Sure! I will make any state or country. I love custom orders! I started with Michigan because that is where I am from (and hello the mitten shape is adorable). From there I branched out to other midwest states, and now am doing any state you request!

5. Do you have any one piece that you would call a favorite?

I love the I heart Michigan and the Momma Tree.

Momma Tree

6. How often do you add new designs to Truche?

I try and add new designs weekly. I hope to add more states and some Halloween inspired pieces in the near future!

7. Is there any meaning behind your store name?

Trudesign is the name of my graphic & web design company. A friend and I came up with Tru.che thinking it was catchy and also went well with Trudesign.


Stevie is offering an exclusive free shipping discount code at Truche for all Fantabulously Frugal readers.  Enter promo code FAB at checkout and the cost of shipping will be refunded to you (per Etsy limitations).

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  1. Shaina says:

    Oh my gosh…I LOVE these necklaces! The Michigan one especially is adorable!!!!!