Being Loyal Has Its Perks

by Lisa on September 7th, 2009

I think one of the best things I have discovered in my adult life are points/miles rewards programs.  In order, I am loyal to the following programs:

  1. Marriott Hotels
  2. United Airlines
  3. American Airlines
  4. Hilton/ Doubletree Hotels

You can be loyal to any program that suits you, but I urge you all to become a member of *any* free rewards programs.  Here’s why you should be a rewards member and not just book travel through sites like Priceline and

  • First, and this is a big one: Priceline is not always cheaper than booking directly with the hotel itself.  Sometimes it is, sure, and I admit to using Priceline myself on occasion.  But unless you’re getting a remarkably good deal (such as 50% off), keep looking – I bet you’ll be able to find a similar price on a points-friendly site, such as Expedia or Orbitz or the hotel’s own website.  The big downside to Priceline?  You cannot accrue any points/miles when you use the program.
  • Right now is boasting “Stay 10 nights and get 1 free.”  I laugh each and every time I see this commercial.  You can get a free night at a Marriott hotel for as little as 6,000 reward points, or about $600 in hotel stays.  Yes, $600 is a bit of money.  But chances are you are spending close to that with your 10 nights at  Plus, at Marriott you’ll receive a completely free fifth night’s stay if you stay the previous four nights using your reward miles.  By comparison, at Hilton hotels, a free night will cost you 7,500 points.
  • Special Promotions, Special Promotions, Special Promotions!  Earlier this summer, Marriott had a promotion that I only found after logging into my Marriott Rewards account.  If I stayed 2 nights at any hotel, I would receive a voucher for a free night at any Marriott hotel on any date.  The free hotel night came in very handy when I was on my roadtrip earlier this summer.  I redeemed the free night for a pricey Atlanta hotel – score!
  • When you are a member of a rewards program, I’ve found the customer service cannot be beat.  My boyfriend and I were planning a weekend trip to Milwaukee, and found two conflicting prices for the hotel where we wanted to stay – the Marriott price was about $25 more expensive than the price on the other website.  I called Marriott to report the price difference and we ended up receiving a 25% discount off the LOWER price.  (Note – this does NOT work with Priceline.)
  • In terms of airline miles, the number one reason I like to remain a loyal customer is for the free flights!  I live in Chicago, a hub for United Airlines.  For the most part, I can get pretty much anywhere on United and I try to fly it whenever possible.  As a result of my loyalty over the past 4 years, I have earned approximately 6 free round trip flights.
  • If the airlines ranked such a thing, I would probably be considered a moderate traveler.  I don’t fly constantly, but I fly enough.  As such, I have not attained the status of some of those super travelers (you know, the people that get to board the aircraft first).  However, I do have enough *seniority* that I’ve been upgraded to first class not once, but twice.  
  • If keeping track of airline miles isn’t your thing, Southwest makes the process simple – for every 8 round trip flights you take in 24 months, you’ll receive a free round trip flight.

You can still use discount sites and receive your points/miles.  Expedia, Orbitz,, and are just a few of the sites where you may be able to find discount flights and/or hotels, but still receive your points/miles.  

There is absolutely no reason that anyone should ever stay anywhere without receiving some sorts of pionts/miles in return.  The options for free nights/flights/upgrades are endless.

Please share – what’s your favorite rewards program?

2 Responses

  1. areyoukiddingme says:

    I don't travel enough (i.e. EVER) to generate rewards points from airline miles or hotels, but I am a huge fan of credit card rewards. Chase and Citibank both have excellent programs.

  2. Risa says:

    I'm a HUGE southwest fan. I am from Arizona and they offer direct flights straight out of Omaha to my home town. We're also southwest visa rewards card owners. For every $1200 you spend you get a point and 16 points gets you a free round trip pass. we earn one each once a year. It works pretty well.