Closed – Fun, Fun, Fun

by Lisa on August 1st, 2009

Sadly, we are reaching the end of the party. So, so sad. One final giveaway, one final game.

Party Game: The 28th person to share with me their #1 song for a “Birthday Party Playlist” will be the winner of this giveaway. (Sorry, I’m going to go ahead and ixnay “Happy Birthday to You.” That’s a given, right?!)

When entering this giveaway, please make sure that I can contact you, either through your own website, or by leaving your email address.

Reminder: In an effort to share the birthday love today, nobody can win more than one giveaway!

30 Responses

  1. annie says:

    How about "Here (in your arms)" by hellogoodbye… Love that song!

  2. Jennifer says:

    Friends in Low Places!

  3. Stephanie says:

    I'll try for another…how about Danielle Peck, "Finding a Good Man"!

  4. Dana says:

    Little less conversation a little more action… by Elvis

  5. Kathie @ my net finds says:

    They Say It's Your Birthday…don't know who sings it, it's on my blog playlist from my birthday yesterday!

  6. Kathie @ my net finds says:

    Or Celebrate Good Times….gosh, who sings that? that's just the lyrics too….

  7. Kathie @ my net finds says:

    Shout! is a good one too…

  8. Jen and Rob says:

    It's My Party is always fun!

  9. amaehara16 says:

    don't worry be happy! :)


  10. Ali says:

    What Would you Say -Dave MAtthews