FanFru’s Birthday Favorites: Part IV

by Lisa on August 3rd, 2009

I just returned from my Southern road trip and overall I was pretty good about shopping, meaning I purchased very little. Though I guess I should admit that I went a little crazy for paper products. (Surprise, surprise.) You all know how much I love stationery and cards. Stops in Atlanta and Nashville forced me to come to the realization that I also love…sticky paper and labels!

Random, right? I know. But no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t stop looking at and buying the following items:
Who knew that my favorite purse designer, Angela Adams, also created this fabulous and simply titled Box of Labels? A box filled with labels for whatever setting you could ever need (including mailing labels!). Hello lover!

My first ever visit to Swoozie’s was pretty dangerous as I walked away with my first ever Lilly Pulitzer purchase (links are from, as I couldn’t find the items listed on the Swoozie’s website):20 sheets full of Stickers & Labels! And…

The Stuck on You Sticky Note Set. This little set is full of various pads of sticky notes that are all different sizes. And too cute, to boot.

A few weeks ago I also added these beauties to my collection:

Cute, right? These are the Origami Lane Sticky Notes.

Put any type of sticky paper/label in front of me and I would drool on it (just a bit) and try to figure out just how much sticky goodness I could fit into my carry-on suitcase. As it turns out, these were the only 3 that made the cut, although I stared at so many other items. (I’m trying so hard to practice the art of moderation!)

Here’s the thing – for stationery lovers (like me!), sticky notes and labels may be a welcome addition to any collection. One can never have enough labels, right? ;)

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  1. Miss Anne says:

    Hi, My name is Anne, and I'm addicted to stationary.


    (I'm drooling over your finds)