Etsy Monday: Polygnome

by Lisa on August 18th, 2009

Today’s episode of Etsy Monday is going to focus on the clutch-making talents of Fantabulously Frugal Reader Sarah, who is the owner of Etsy shop Polygnome.

Sarah left on a comment on FF, and when I went to check out her blog I found her Etsy site. And I found the playful, almost avant-garde clutches she designs. And then I fell in love. Every single item featured sold at Polygnome is colorful and fun, which is exactly what I look for in an accessory.

Check out this Spring Ahead Wristlet Clutch with Ruffles and Beads:
With the right outfit, this would add a great pop of whimsy and color.

I think this Old Money Yacht Clutch is absolutely brilliant:
It’s over-the-top, and it’s oh so fun. The description of the bag says that it was “inspired by the filthy rich but made for the middle class.” Look at that teardrop turnlock clasp and tell me it isn’t amazing.

J. Crew has been selling magic wallets for years, and now you can also find them (for much less $$$) at Polygnomb. Here is the first of a series of magic wallets to come, this one the Pink Geometric Magic Wallet:
Magic Wallets are perfect for minimalist days when you don’t want to carry a purse (or clutch). The size is a super small 4″ x 2.5″ x 7/16″, which means it can easily slip into your pocket. Those straps you see means you won’t lose any of your valuable cash.

The wonderful Sarah has been kind enough to answer a few questions for Fantabulously Readers:

1. When did you first begin creating clutches?

I started making clutches about six months ago. My mom taught me the basics of sewing when I was younger, and I’ve been working especially hard at honing my craft recently.

2. From where do you draw the inspiration for your creative designs?

I have a folder on my desktop called “IDEAZ” and whenever I see something on the internet that I like, I save it to this folder. This can be images of clothes, art, textures or really anything that I think looks interesting. I love kawaii and cute things, girly things and over the top glamour. I also have a deep appreciation for minimalism so my creations vary greatly on the spectrum of minimalism and maximalism.

The materials I use are almost always recycled from vintage/thrifted clothes or fabrics, and other materials. I think used or older materials have a lot more character. Sometimes I just look at a piece of fabric and it tells me what to do with it.

3. Do you have any designs that you would consider a favorite?

The “I Didn’t Know When to Stop” clutch (above) is hands down my current favorite. It’s so ridiculous and crazy embellished. When you’re holding it and you move, all the jewels jingle. You could put on an outfit, carry this clutch, and not need a single piece of jewelry.

4. Are you currently working on any new bags/clutches?

I’m currently making “magic wallets” which will be listed soon and I’m also planning some new designs that will be perfect for fall! Think: rich colors, unexpected details, and class.

5. About how long does it take you to create a new design, from start to finish?

My designs usually begin with just the fabric in front of me. I fold and drape and squint my eyes at it until I see something in it that I like. I pick any accent colors (or inside colors) and then I just slowly start building it. Embellishing a clutch is my favorite part of the design process because I have collected so many little beads, cabs or vintage earrings that I finally get to apply to something! I can spend anywhere from two hours to about two days working on one design.


Sarah is generously offering readers of Fantabulously Frugal an exclusive 15% discount off the price of any clutch, bag, or wallet. Just enter code “Fantabulously Frugal” in the comments section when checking out and after your order is placed, 15% will be refunded back to you. (Etsy rules!)

2 Responses

  1. Blueberry Shoes says:

    Polygnome makes AMAZING clutches! I won one in a giveaway and i'm so obsessed with it. VERY well made and ooak!!! hugs to you!

  2. Sarahahaha says:

    Thank you again for featuring me! And thanks blueberry shoes (: Glad you love the clutch!