Etsy Monday: Grayson Saige

by Lisa on August 10th, 2009

Today’s Etsy Monday features a shop filled with lovely preppy, pink, green, and nautical items. When I first saw the items featured in this cute store, I was instantly transported to one of my favorite places to relax – the ocean. Allow me to introduce you all to Grayson Saige.

Grayson Saige owner Carlene makes some truly unique gift and home decorating items. She takes items such as star fish, and gives them a whole new look. Take a look at these Royal Purple Glitter Starfish:
How fun are these? Definitely not your typical bland sand-colored starfish, that’s for sure!

Check out the craftsmanship in this piece, the Polkadot Crayfish:This item is truly unique and would be stunning in any nautical-themed room!

Carlene makes quite a few different “friendship” items, which she describes down below. Here is one such item, the Chocolate and White Friendship Shell:

For those of you that are more preppy than nautical, Carlene also makes 8 inch hanging stars designed using Lilly Pulitzer fabric.

I love the look of this star and can definitely picture it hanging on my wall. This particular one is the Ocean Life Lilly P. Star.

In addition to the items above, Carlene also designs stationery, and even offers a few jewelry pieces!

Carlene was fantabulous and took a few minutes to answer questions for FanFru readers. (Plus, she offered a 10% off discount code, which you’ll find at the very bottom of the interview!)

1. When did you first start designing preppy and nautical gifts and accessories?
My fashion and design sense has been decidedly classic & preppy since high school; I was known for consistently wearing sweaters and carrying a tote bag. My personal style has really manifested itself in Grayson Saige.

I decided to start the boutique in March of 2009. I sat down one night in my dorm and just started sketching with some colorful markers and the fantastic support of my boyfriend. The hardest thing to come up with was the name since it’s a summary of your whole idea in a few words. Grayson Saige comes from the middle names of my two siblings: classic names, and very dear to my heart.

2. From where do you draw your inspiration?
The ocean, with out a doubt. The color palate and textures within coral reefs is amazing. One of my favorite places is St. Thomas in the USVI. The bright colors and patterns of the island really hold fond memories for me. When I transpose those ideas into a product I take the time to consider what I would love to see in my own home. Even when I package a product to be shipped, I wrap it in bright tissue paper, ribbon, and shells.

3. Do you have any plans to expand the items offered in your Etsy store?

Absolutely! GS has evolved so much since its opening and will continue to grow. I’m beginning to move more towards a personalized aspect. With anything in the boutique you can request a gratuitous monogrammed tag, even if it’s just for yourself! Each customer is important to me and I want the store to resonate with them.

Additionally, the painted sea life will expand to include horseshoe crabs soon.
4. Is there any product you sell that you would consider a favorite?
My favorite gift item would be from the Friendship collection. Every shell in the ocean is unique and the same goes for each friend we have. The pearl is the epitome of preppy and nautical rolled into one.

My favorite item overall is the pink and white polka dot crayfish. It is a unique and very cheerful piece.


Carlene is generously offering 10% off any order placed by readers of Fantabulously Frugal! Just enter code “Fantabulously Frugal” in the comments section when checking out and after your order is placed, 10% will be refunded back to you. (Etsy rules!)

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