FREEbie Tuesday: Sample of Pureity Hair Care

by Lisa on July 7th, 2009

I haven’t posted too many freebies lately, so I decided to make this a Freebie Tuesday – throughout the day I will sprinkle a bunch of freebies into the mix. My goal is to make them *good* freebies – I mean, nobody really wants one sheet of toilet paper, do you? :) Enjoy all the free stuff, but more importantly, enjoy all the mail you’ll receive over the coming weeks as a result!

First up…

Heavenly Essence, Inc. is giving out free samples of their Pureity shampoo and conditioner. You get to choose from either peppermint or citrus scent.

They claim the samples will be in the mail within 10 days, which would be fantastic. (Most freebies seem to average about 8 weeks.)

Click here for a sample of Pureity.

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