FREE Starbucks Ice Cream via Facebook

by Lisa on July 6th, 2009

Here is my favorite deal of the day: Starbucks is giving away pints of their new ice cream (which is incredible, by the way) via Facebook.

Everyday through July 19th, they will be giving away up to 20,000 pints of ice cream – or about 800 pints per hour! The pints to be given away are reset each hour.

They say the pints are for you to share with a friend – I’m not sure if the friend you share with can be yourself or not. I’ve attempted to find out, but obviously these are flying quickly at the moment. My guess that signing on in the middle of the night would be a good time to try to get a free pint.

As an extra bonus – if no pints are available when you’re trying to get one, they will give you a coupon for $1.00 off a pint. Let me tell you – if you are a fan of Starbucks and you are also a fan of ice cream – you are going to LOVE this stuff. Caramel Macchiato flavor is perfect. Yum.

Click here to learn more and try to get your own free pint. Please note: you will have to be a member of Facebook to get a free pint!

Thanks to Thrifty Jinxy for posting about this!

2 Responses

  1. Shaina says:

    This is great – thanks for posting! I just "shared" my pint with myself. Yes, I'm that person. I have been wanting to try Starbucks ice cream for forever!

  2. LissaMarie says:

    thanks for posting this!! i loveee starbucks! I had their ice cream for the first time a few weeks ago….absolutely divine!