Fantabulously Frugal Friday:

by Lisa on July 17th, 2009

Heavenly Couture has been one of my favorite online stores for a couple of years now, because everything they sell is bona fide cheap! (Price-wise, not quality-wise.)

I bought a dress from Heavenly Couture last summer for $13.99, thinking it would just be a cheap little dress that I could wear around a couple of times and think nothing of trashing at the end of the summer. Man, was I wrong. I still have that dress and it still looks as good as new! While I can’t vouch for all of the clothes, the dress that I received looked and felt like something I would have bought from the Gap. But for much less money.

Heavenly Couture, while they used to sell EVERYTHING for less than $13.99, has sadly risen that price point to $17.99. But still – a steal of a deal, IMO. If I had to closely compare this store to another retailer it would be Forever 21. Heavenly Couture doesn’t quite have the selection of Forever 21, but it’s also cheaper.

Heavenly Couture is a great steal of a shop, and definitely worth keeping on your radar if you’re shopping for budget-priced seasonal clothing. (i.e. Right now you can only find summer clothes on the site.)

Shipping is free on all purchases over $75. Exchanges are free for 365 days.

And hey, this just in: Heavenly Couture is now selling their “summer basics” (tanks & t’s) for just 3 for $15. Click here to check out the selection of basics. (BTW – I do not see this sale advertised on the website. But if you put 3 items in your cart you will see the price drop!)

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