Fantabulously Frugal Friday:

by Lisa on July 31st, 2009 has been one of my favorite websites since college, when I refused to pay full-price for textbooks. 9 times out of 10 I could find those books listed on, but for a fraction of the price. Since college I have continued to be a fan of when I’ve wanted to purchase books and/or DVDs, but have not wanted to pay full price.
is a subsidiary of Ebay, and as such, most items on the site are used and listed by individual people. (Sort of similar to the “Buy it Now” function on Ebay, except that you can list items on the site until they sell.) While items are used, you can decided what level of wear and tear you are willing to tolerate. Maybe you only like things that are in “Like New” condition. Or maybe you just want the cheapest price and are willing to just take an item in “Acceptable” condition.

The site finds every item that’s available that matches your search, and then provides you with the various buying options.

What I love to do is stroll through Borders, finding lots of books I would love to read. And then I’ll go on and buy them for a fraction of the price. I suppose it takes away some of the instant gratification, but it also keeps some money in my wallet, which I definitely enjoy!

(And again – I cannot stress this enough – if you are in college now, this site should be your best friend.)

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  1. momofonefornow says:

    College students should also look into It is a book rental service that is super cheap and plants a tree every time you rent a book and pays for return shipping on textbooks at semesters end. It is usually at least 1/2 off. oh, and they buy old textbooks too.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Seconding Plus, they're not hanging around after the quarter is over! However, their buy back prices are sometimes not the best. Comparison shop.