Etsy Monday: Davie and Chiyo

by Lisa on July 13th, 2009

When I first stumbled across this Etsy store (perhaps on one of your sites?), I became instantly enthralled. I contacted them and pretty much begged them to agree to be featured on Etsy Monday. Luckily for me (and you!), they agreed. So I present to you, wonderful readers, this week’s installment of Etsy Monday, featuring Davie & Chiyo, maker of some of the most beautiful clutches I’ve ever seen. (Read to the bottom and find a special discount code just for Fantabulously Frugal readers!)

I’m not actually going to speak too much this week, because I think the stunning clutches speak for themselves. There’s no need for me to detract from their beauty!

Before I discovered everything that Davie & Chiyo had to offer, I fell in love with this clutch, the Translucent Bow Golden Eggplant 8 Inch Frame Clutch Bag:

This clutch line is customizable! There are so many different colors for both the clutch itself and the bow! I love this. (Davie & Chiyo also offer the availability to make multiple matching bags for wedding parties!)

Check out this stunner, the Spring Leaves 8 Inch Silk Lined Frame Clutch Bag:

Tell me that’s not perfect, either as a “dressy” clutch, or for a more casual evening?!

Next we have the Summer Margarita 6 Inch Frame Clutch Purse:

Look at that gorgeous flower! I love everything about this clutch – the colors are PERFECT for summer.

Finally there’s this bag, the Tiered Rose Pearl Pink 7 Inch Silk Lined Frame Clutch Bag:
This bag is more like a piece of art than it is a clutch, don’t you think? The color, the design – it’s all so … romantic.

Fumi, one of the creative geniuses behind Davie & Chiyo agreed to answer a few questions for you wonderful ladies, and also was kind enough to offer a discount code, which you will find at the bottom of the interview!

1. When did you first start designing clutches?

We made a clutch for the very first time last summer, almost a year ago. When placed beside a clutch that we currently carry, they are incomparable! Our vision and designs have gone through tremendous improvements and growth in the past year, that it is sometimes hard to believe that it has only been a year.

2. How did you decide this was something you wanted to do?

For both my sister and I, starting up Davie & Chiyo was something unexpected that we had never even dreamed of. My sister Himi, among other bags and hats that she was making, made a frame clutch one day, and upon seeing how intricate and pretty it was, I suddenly had an idea of finding a market for them. So we started talking about designs and possible market that existed for these beautiful clutches. One thing lead to another, and before we knew it, we had an online shop with streams of orders coming in from left, right, and center! Not only was there a market for pretty clutches, new markets started opening up to us such as customizable items, and bridal parties. Owning a purse business was certainly something neither of us had dreamed about when we were 12 years old, but now that it has become our life, I just cannot see it any other way!
3. Where do you find the inspiration for your gorgeous designs?

Neither Himi nor I have ever been very artsy or have held interest in designing in the past. So it is almost funny to talk about inspirations for our designs! But one thing I can tell you is that our biggest influence for our designs have been our clients. We listen carefully to what customers want and what feedback they have for our products. Through their comments and desires, together with our expertise and available materials have been the driving force behind our creations.

4. Do you do a lot of work with brides and/or wedding parties?

I would say 70% of all our sales have been for brides and their bridesmaids. This is a huge market that hadn’t crossed our minds when we started. But it is such a fun and exciting market, and it never seems to run out of steam. Getting married is not a fad that is about to go out of style or anything, so it is definitely a good market to get involved in!

5. Will you customize any clutch?

We do our best to make anything and everything that our customers desire. It is all about getting the perfect balance between what clients want and what materials are available and suitable to use. Customizing clutches is one of the most exciting parts of this business. Not only do we get to create something new and different, there is also that challenge factor involved, always pushing us to create something above and beyond everything we have made up till that point.
6. Do you plan to branch into any other bag, or focus predominantly on clutches?

Due to its huge market and endless ways to experiment and create, I think we will be focusing on clutches for a very long time! There are so many new designs and ideas floating around us constantly, that the only thing we can wish for is more hours in a day… We know that our opportunities are endless, as more and more dreams are becoming a reality with a growing team joining Davie & Chiyo. Keep a constant eye on us, as we will be coming out with new and exciting designs that is going to blow your mind away!!

Davie & Chiyo has agreed to offer a promo code to all Fantabulously Frugal readers. Through next Monday (July 20, 2009) they are offering 15% off any purchase you make through their Etsy shop. When checking out, mention “Fantabulously Frugal” in the comments section. You will need to pay the full purchase price (due to Etsy constraints), but 15% of your purchase price will be refunded to you.

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