Wedding Season: Stylish Giving & Gourmet Gift Company

by Lisa on June 11th, 2009
While I am notoriously bad about responding to comments (I am trying to get better!), please know that I do check out all of your sites. Which is how I found FF reader Tawnya, who runs two pretty fantabulous sites that I want to share with all of you – and especially those of you with weddings coming up in the near future!

Tawnya’s first site is called Stylish Giving, which is dedicated to finding stylish favors and gifts. She scours the internet (including Etsy), looking for the best of the best. Believe me – there is some cute stuff to be found if you are looking for *unique* ideas.

Tawnya knows the best when she sees it. Want to know why? Because she runs her own wedding favor business, Gourmet Gift Company! Do you know what kind of favors she sells? The kind that can be baked! Such as gourmet cupcake mixes! (And cinnamon streusel cake, brownies, pound cake, scone mix, and fruit cobbler mix.) You get your mix in an adorable box and you can personalize the labels with your name, date, or a personal message.

This is one example of how Tawnya’s cupcake mixes look when all packaged up. I’d give these to everyone I know. I think Gourmet Gift Company is brilliant. I also think the idea of champagne-flavored cupcake mix is also brilliant. :)

I highly recommend checking out Tawnya’s sites. As I said they are both great if you have a wedding horizon, but they’re also good if you enjoy looking at pretty things. (Or anything cupcake-related!)

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6 Responses

  1. Lindsay says:

    I gave you an award on my blog! Thanks for being awesome!

  2. Miss Anne says:


  3. Kristine St Clair says:

    And I was just thinking to myself this morning. What would make a great (but economical) thank you gift, for all my FRG volenteers…then I looked here. Thank you, a unique and fun gift idea anyone would enjoy. I bet, I'll have army wives swooning to help, over these things! :o)

  4. a H.I.T. says:

    Thank you for sharing!

  5. D.S. says:

    What a fantastic idea! Now that it's wedding season those will definitely come in handy. Champagne cupcakes? YUM!

  6. peppylady says:

    You gave me an wonderful gift for bridle shower or a wedding gift.
    Opps even a honeymoon take a long gift.

    Coffee is on.