Wedding Season: Registry Incentive Program at Bed Bath & Beyond

by Lisa on June 18th, 2009

Frugal Coupon Living just posted about a program that gave me a tiny bit more of an appreciation for bridal registries. (Well, appreciation if I was the one getting married. This doesn’t really affect the gift-buyers all that much.)

We all know that Bed Bath & Beyond has a really extensive bridal registry. I’m pretty sure the bride and groom from 90% of the weddings I’ve attended have been registered there. But if you are a soon-to-be bride that hasn’t yet set up her bridal registry, did you know that BB&B is now offering a Registry Incentive Program? True story!

All you have to do is register for certain items, mail in a certificate to the vendor telling them that you have done this, and then they will mail you a free present! Kind of cool, yeah?

The gifts are not off the charts amazing – but then again, they’re free gifts just for including certain items on your registry! For instance, if you add $500 worth of various Calphalon products to your registry, Calphalon will send you a 5″ Santoku Knife. Or if you register for $1,000 worth of items from Royal Doulton (pretty easy to do if you want China), they will send you a Crystal Votive Holder.

Click here to learn more about the Registry Incentive Program.

AND – should people buy the items you place on your registry, Bed Bath & Beyond has a program whereby you can get more free gifts! (In my opinion, these gifts are a little nicer.) Click here to learn about that program.

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