Wedding Season: Gifts for the Bride & Groom

by Lisa on June 5th, 2009

I am going to tell y’all something that I really really hate. I have been railing against this for years, actually. Are you ready? Here goes:

I. Hate. Wedding registries.

Seriously. They are the bain of my wedding-attending season.

I suppose I understand the need for a registry if you have people coming to your wedding that you don’t know well, or if you have a lot of extended family attending. But other than that? No.

Alright, end rant. Thanks for indulging me a moment there.

Because I am so anti-registry, I spend a lot of time personally picking out wedding gifts for my friends. It’s important to me to find something I know my friends will love that doesn’t come off the dreaded registry of doom.

So today’s version of wedding-related shopping is going to be geared toward unique gifts for the bride and groom. I found this great website, Personal Creations, which has quite a few different wedding gifts, many of which can be personalized. (Imagine that!)

Here’s one of my top favorites, the Woven Basket with Liner ($9.95):
It may seem a little strange that my top gift choice is a basket and personalized liner, but let me explain. One of the things I love doing for weddings is putting together a gift basket of items that I have hand-chosen for the bride and groom. Normally I will make sure said basket is delivered before the wedding and it will often contain some gourmet food items (a main meal and a dessert!). My thinking is that on one of those stressful nights leading up to the wedding they will have an easy and delicious meal that won’t take too long to throw together. I’ll often throw a bottle of wine in, as well as a few accoutrements, such as a nice pasta strainer if the meal is Italian, or even a nice bottle opener.

Or I’ve been known to throw in a monogrammed wine stopper, such as this one, which sells for $14.95:

Another item I think is adorable is this Vintage Wooden Pepper Mill, which retails for $24.95:
Whatever you do for your friends and family this wedding season, please promise me you’ll at least consider thinking outside the walls of the confining registry box, ok? :)

6 Responses

  1. Summer says:

    Great ideas!

    I actually thought about registering at Nordstrom's or Macy's for my 30th birthday(all shoes, baby!)…but, then, decided against it! hahaha…

    Have fun on your vacay!

  2. Heather says:

    I don't like registries for most things but for weddings and babies I think it's helpful. It's a time in your life where people seem really excited about buying gifts and it helps cut down on duplication and lets people know what you could really use to set up your new home or prepare for the baby. Of course, it's there as a guide. You don't have to use it and gifts are never required. Sometimes I don't use it when I'm shopping for other people if I already had something else in mind for a gift. I don't care if other people don't use the registry when shopping for me but as this post points out, you should know the couple well. My husband and I to this day have not used the set of blooming champagne glasses we received. 1. because they are strange and they have no base so you can't sit them down unless you put them in the "vase" they came with. 2. we don't drink. lol. We got a few other really odd gifts too from distant relatives. Their wedding gift hand-me-downs I suppose. It makes for a few laughs. The gift you describe in this post sounds nice though. What sort of ideas do you have for baby gifts? To the married readers what's the strangest wedding gift you've ever received?

  3. Lucy Marie says:

    This is a great idea! Although I do love being able to fall back on the registry every now and again. And I also appreciated having a registry when I got married so we were able to avoid duplicates and gifts that really did not suit us. One thing I don't like about the registry though is that the recipient is bound to know how much you spent, sometimes that bothers me.

    In response to Heather, the strangest wedding gift I received was a paper macheed hymn book with a tacky marriage poem written on it. Seriously, I can't even describe it.

  4. Amy Lynn says:

    I couldn't agree more! I hate buying off registries for people I know well!!!! I have the hardest time finding things with meaning though…..

  5. says:

    I think going against the "norm" is a great idea. Personalized gifts are a great way to offer the bride & groom a unique item that they will probably keep far longer than another pair of bed sheets! :)

    You can view my website at for several examples.

  6. noelle says:

    I love your gift giving spirit! I wish I was as clever as you… wanna come to my wedding in a few weeks? ;)