Shopping in a Pinch: ShopWiki

by Lisa on June 3rd, 2009

I just came across this neat little site and seeing how I share everything with all y’all, I just had to share this, too.

Do you ever go on a mad online search for one item in an effort to make sure you are getting the absolute best price? I’ve been known to go to multiple stores to check prices and then go home to check the internet for prices, too. I guess I’m a little obsessive at times. (And my boyfriend enjoys pointing out to me that I’m not actually saving any money when you factor in the gas I use on these excursions.)

So anyhow, this fun website ShopWiki takes some of the work out of the search for you. (At least internet-wise.) When you go to the site there are a bunch of different searches that have already been set up, such as Clothing for Women or a Women’s Summer Style Guide. The guide will show you pictures of a wide selection of styles and then you can narrow your search down from there.

There’s an area on the page so you can adjust the price range you want to see. Say, for instance, you did a search for Lilly Pulitzer dresses, as I did. It gave me 525 results with a price range between 0-$470. I adjusted that scale show it only showed me dresses that cost up to $99 and the number of dresses I had to look at went down to 280. This is a nice feature to ensure that one stays within their price range!

Earlier today I fell hopelessly in love with a Marc Jacobs handbag so I decided to do a ShopWiki search for “Marc Jacobs handbag.” It gave me 393 results, all with pictures, and oops – I fell in love with a few more bags. :) But for each bag it told me how many stores carried the bag and who carried it for the cheapest.

This website is definitely an interesting one for us bargain shoppers. I’m not going to lie – I’m a little afraid it might make me into even more of an internet shopper – ShopWiki makes it just too easy to find the items I want in the price range I want!

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