Reserve a 2010 Entertainment Book, get a 2009 Book Free

by Lisa on June 1st, 2009

I remember my parents occasionally buying Entertainment books from the neighbor kids, but it was only this year that I purchased one for myself. I actually purchased 2 books – one for Chicago and one for our upcoming vacation to Hawaii. And I have been more than pleased! Sometimes the book helps us find new restaurants to try – and try cheaply, thanks to the coupons. We have planned some of our stops in Hawaii around our available coupons. In short – I’m a huge fan of these books! (And since they’re fairly inexpensive, the savings from one meal, plus taking advantage of the grocery coupons are all I needed to recoup the cost!)

Right now Entertainment is offering a free 2009 book (it expires at the end of November) when you reserve a 2010 book. If you know you’re going to use a book next year, why not get one free out of it? Like I said – I have really enjoyed having mine for vacation planning purposes!

Click here to check out the Entertainment Book options!

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