New Sample Sale Site: Gomatta Girls

by Lisa on June 12th, 2009

Gomatta Girls is even more like than the previously discussed Gomatta Girls only offers one item per sale each day (although it appears that “one item” may sometimes be a few items from one designer), at rock bottom prices. Whether or not the item sells out, a new item will be for sale the next day.

If you sign up for their email newsletter you will be informed when the latest sale goes live, although don’t say I didn’t warn you – the newsletters don’t actually tell you what item is for sale and actually appear to be more of the riddle variety. I’m not going to lie – I’m not a huge fan because I’d like to know from the email if the sale is worth checking out. But – what can you do?

I’ve been watching this site for the past few weeks and they really do have some cute stuff. Such as this Tulle Picque Tulip Dress. It normally retails for $70 but Gomatta Girls was selling it for $29.

This dress was a little pricier, but it’s so cute I couldn’t help but post it:

This dress is the Rosanna Striped Dress by designer Heidi Merrick. It originally retailed for $451, but Gomatta Girls was selling it for $139.

Is Gomatta Girls worth checking out? If you are a lover of sample sale sites, then I say yes. I think the lack of real notification about current and/or upcoming sales is rather frustrating. The site is filled with type-o’s. But – in terms of the shopping, if you’re willing to wait and check back each day, I have no doubt you’ll find some item to love.

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