Hey 20 Something Blogger Friends…

by Lisa on June 24th, 2009

I am one of the Blog Carnival managers over at the fabulous social networking site 20 Something Bloggers. (Seriously – if you are a 20-something blogger you should sign up – there are some really great people over there and some great bloggy events.)

The first carnival has been listed since me and my co-manager took over last month. Flipped out is the theme and all you have to do to participate is A. Be a member of 20 Something Bloggers (membership is obviously free) and B. Submit a blog entry from your first few weeks of blogging.

The first 50 people to enter will receive a coupon for free Ben & Jerry’s! The 6 winners will receive 25 coupons! Crazy!

Learn more about the blog carnival here.

4 Responses

  1. Summer says:

    Boo…..I just turned 30 in May…

    But I look like I'm about 24 or 25…DOES THAT COUNT?! HAHAHA!

    j/k…I'll stick with my 30-somethin' chicks… :)

  2. Perfectly Pleasant says:

    How exciting, I'm signing up now!

  3. Leslie Elizabeth says:

    love this! i just signed up too! thanks!

  4. Mrs.Zeus says:

    Ohh I wanna sign up!!!